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Resonance exists to create extraordinary musical experiences.

We want to bring monumental music of monumental scale to Bristol's best spaces, and we want to share it with the community. By going beyond the concert hall and keeping tickets affordable,

we want everybody to feel welcome.

Whatever music you like, you will love this.

Frederick Platt Nicholas Bromilow Resonance
     Frederick Platt     -     Nicholas Bromilow

"It all began way back at uni! Nick and I doodled on each other's lecture notes, but later bonded over our love of music and conducting. In the years that followed we remained firm friends, comparing notes and, with my recent move to Bristol, capitalising on the opportunity to pool resources and experience to produce some awe-inspiring performances."

"I really wanted to take music out of the concert hall, and we both wanted to find a way of making these huge orchestral works possible. Fred had just finished an assistantship with Bath Philharmonia, and done some opera projects before that, while I had been managing enterprises and conducting ensembles here in Bristol. We felt we complemented each other and the timing couldn't be better!"

"Comparing ideas we found there was a lot of overlap in what we wanted to do. As with all good things, Resonance was conceived over a pint! It was a few scribbles on the back of a receipt, but it was a start. We were like giddy schoolchildren as we listed our dream pieces to conduct! These things we'd fantasised about were becoming a reality."

"Now we are an enormous orchestra, we are a registered Community Interest Company, and we are a new creative element in Bristol's vibrant arts scene, and we cannot wait to share this spectacular music that we love with the community that we love."

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