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Experience music.
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19th April 2020
Resonance returns with Scriabin and Mahler
See below for some of the amazing things we've done in the past, put the date in your diary and tickets will be available soon!
Multi-Sensory Music
Past events
5th May 2019

"And suddenly I've found 
How wonderful a sound 
Can be!"

"The work of a madman … sheer cacophony,"
Dance music done differently.

Resonance took to the stage at Motion nightclub to 
perform Bernstein's Latin dances from West Side Story and Stravinsky's raw and visceral Rite of Spring.
27th January 2019

"The only thing we feared was that the Germans would start bombing us. I was thinking, 'God, let us listen to it to the end.' Everyone was starving, but they were all dressed up in bow ties."
We marked the anniversary of the Leningrad Siege with Shostakovich's intense and powerful work - written from within the war-torn city. 
Hundreds came to see us perform beneath Concorde at Aerospace Bristol, we were thrilled with the success of our inaugural concert!
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